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Special Price for DSPIII until 12/15/13 - $9000

The USA Prog, Datasmart 3+ and DSPIII+ have gone through new update this year with the code box and there are a lot of exciting updates coming this year! Including new custom plugs and touchpins!

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Odometer Correction:

Odometer/Mileage Correction - Same or next day service in the DFW area, or mail your gauge cluster in. Airbag Rest and Gauge Cluster repair in some cars.

Smelecom Programmers:

Smelecom Odometer Correction Tools

Smelecom Accessories:
Smelecom Forum

Forum for USA Prog, Data Smart 3+, and DSPIII+

Tacho Proac

Tacho Pro 2008.07

Forum for Tacho Pro 2008.01 and 2008.07

Bligidy Tacho Pro Options/Resources

Payment Option:

Click above for Odometer/Mileage Correction and other services in DFW and the US

Mileage Correction Tools - The best and most comprehensive Mileage and Odometer Correction tools available. M-Corrector, USA Prog, Data Smart 3+, and DSPIII+

There is no other programmer on the market that can program more cars, and easier than the Smelecom line.

usa prog full

Smelecom Accessories/Adapters - Options, Adapters, Accessories, touch pins, plugs, and more. Upgrade your programmer

Cmm Adapter

M-Corrector, USA Prog, DSPIII+, Data Smart3+ Resources and Software - Download the latest software, manuals and documentation provided by Smelecom.


Custom Smelecom Odometer Correction Accessories - Camera Case, 3M EEPROM SOIC and DIP Clips, Software and Resources, Interchangeable Power Supplies (wall power supply)

Cmm Adapter

What type of programmer do I need? What is the best option for me?

What makes Smelecom or the USA Prog, or DSPIII+ so special?

What you need to know!!
tacho pro
Support Information - information support

EEPROM Clips (HOT)- Custom 3M EEPROM Clips for your USA Prog, DSPIII+, Data Smart 3+, or Tacho Pro


Hand Tools and Equipment - A list of the best tools and hardware you may need with your programmer

rework station
d Question and Support Form


About Bligidy  

I have been programming digital odometers locally for 8 years, and I recently became the only authorized seller of Smelecom Odometer Correction tools, including the USA Prog, VAG Prog, the Data Smart 3+, and the DSP3+. I only sell equipment I use myself and can offer support. This is why I am the largest seller in the US and the only seller that provides hands on training around the world. I have tested and researched every programmer known, and there is no better deal available, even the Chinese copies are more expensive. The USA Prog and DSPIII+ program more cars then any other programmer on the market at a fraction of the cost. We specialize in odometer correction, and put our resources into developing the highest quality programmers with the most options for odometer correction.

What Cars can we program? If you are in the DFW area, I can do any car within 24 hours. If you need to send your cluster in, I am able to program all Japanese cars and most American and European cars. Send me an email for a quote or if you have any questions. Odometer/Mileage Correction in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.
Your #1 US Seller of the USA Prog - DSPIII+ - Accessories
Parnters: Smelecom, Enigma, Autoboss, MB Star, Smelecom UK

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