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Odometer Correction:

Odometer/Mileage Correction - Same or next day service in the DFW area, or mail your gauge cluster in. Airbag Rest and Gauge Cluster repair in some cars.

Smelecom Programmers:

Smelecom Odometer Correction Tools

Smelecom Accessories:
Smelecom Forum

Forum for USA Prog, Data Smart 3+, and DSPIII+

Tacho Proac

Tacho Pro 2008.07

Forum for Tacho Pro 2008.01 and 2008.07

Bligidy Tacho Pro Options/Resources

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Click above for Odometer/Mileage Correction and other services in DFW and the US

Mileage Correction Tools - The best and most comprehensive Mileage and Odometer Correction tools available. M-Corrector, USA Prog, Data Smart 3+, and DSPIII+

There is no other programmer on the market that can program more cars, and easier than the Smelecom line.

usa prog full

Smelecom Accessories/Adapters - Options, Adapters, Accessories, touch pins, plugs, and more. Upgrade your programmer

Cmm Adapter

M-Corrector, USA Prog, DSPIII+, Data Smart3+ Resources and Software - Download the latest software, manuals and documentation provided by Smelecom.


Custom Smelecom Odometer Correction Accessories - Foam Cases, 3M EEPROM SOIC and DIP Clips, Software and Resources, Interchangeable Power Supplies (wall power supply)

Cmm Adapter

What type of programmer do I need? What is the best option for me?

What makes Smelecom or the USA Prog, or DSPIII+ so special?

What you need to know!!
tacho pro
Support Information - information support

EEPROM Clips (HOT)- Custom 3M EEPROM Clips for your USA Prog, DSPIII+, Data Smart 3+, or Tacho Pro


Hand Tools and Equipment - A list of the best tools and hardware you may need with your programmer

rework station
d Question and Support Form



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