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UNLOCKED Tacho Pro 2011 - Mileage Correction - v2008.07

This is not the average Tacho Pro. You will be able program without problems with the updated hardware and program more cars even newer then 2008. You get what you pay for.

Bligidy Mileage Correction Tools

Professional 2011 Unlocked Tacho Pro - v 2008.07 - Digital Mileage/Odometer Correction Programmer

NEVER LOCKS (no need to reprogram) 46 cables and adaptors + homemade videos, documenation, informaiton, and resources not availabe anywhere else that you will not be able to get anywhere. You will get a link when payment is made. Don't forget to order EEPROM Clips.

Includes EXTRA software that lets you program hundreds more cars, including newer cars and most American cars. Click Here for a complete list of the extra cars. You will also get one 3M Test Clips that take out 95% of the errors and problems that come with your average Tacho Pro

I only sell hardware that you can use, not an incomplete package from China you can't get answers from. Join my community where you can get help with over a Gig of resources thatincljde graphics, videos, and much much more.

Super Tacho Pro Correction Machine

Ready for immediate delivery from the US, with the most valuable odometer correction software INCLUDED FREE!
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Tacho Pro 2008 - Pricing

Tacho Pro

Tacho Pro is the most sold programming-device for digital speedometers worldwide. The system is a high-quality tool, which offers a maximum of flexibility and working comfort despite the simplest operation. You can serve almost any vehicle with the Tacho Pro.  Some other odometer correction tools have touchscreens, but they do not give you the functionality and the versatility that this tool does, along with costing a thousand more.

I deal straight with the manufacturer.  Each one will come sealed in its original packaging and be guaranteed to work on delivery.  I test them before they leave my place..  

What does Unlocked mean? The original version died after 50 uses and you needed to buy more tokens for it to work.  The next version, v2008.07 let you reprogram the chips inside the hand held after it locked up.  The newer version just never locks and you never need to do anything. 

Why do I need a 3M Test Clip? If you have ever known someone who owns a Tacho Pro you will know. The test clips that come with the Tacho Pro are literally useless. The two sides are not aligned, the contacts are not aligned with the others, and will literally fall apart within one or two uses if you can get them to work. Most errors, the data qual or not equal issues have to do with the EEPROM clip making contact. And when most cars are done by programming the EEPROM, you need something that works. I won't sell any hardware without them. Its like putting a Kia engine in a Mercedes.

The default clip I send with the Tacho Pro is the 8 Pin SOIC Test Clip. If you prefer to have the 8 Pin DIP Test Clip, let me know in your purchase information. These are normally for older cars.

Tacho pro Specification:

The TACHO PRO has everything included that you will need for bugfix and repair to your dash, control device, and odometer

  • Reads the current mileage, decodes it, and shows it in the LCD display
  • Easy self explanitory operation by clear menu guidance
  • Provides instructions on over a hundred makes or models in PDF format
  • Backlit display makes working possible in overcast conditions
  • All datasets can be edited, saved and loaded
  • Up to 200 files can be stored in the Tacho Universal, and transferred to your PC
  • Can be updated and re-programmed if the handheld looses any type of functionality

Disclaimer - PLEASE READ!

This is an auto diagnostic and repair tool kit.  You need some kind of experience with cars, electronics, or other hardware unless you plan to do the research and learn the equipment and the cars and parts they are used on.  I have to put this on here because of previous problems.  This is a machine, a tool, it is not a toy.  You NEED to read the instructions.  I will help as much as I can, but I am not there and not available to offer support.  After saying that, I am always happy to answer questions through phone, email or text, but I am not available to walk you through on how to use it. 

This is not for Beginners.  The documentation is not designed to walk you through how to do things as if you have never seen anything like it before.  It can be learned just like everything else but you have to want to do that.

IMPORTANT: The Tacho Pro was stopped being produced in 2008.07, so there are no updates or many resources to help. Therefore you should consider carefully before you buy, there is no return policy on the Tacho Pro. With the right experience or knowledge, it is a powerful tool. I provide support at a fee although I have posted alot of videos to help you with the Tacho Pro.


The following two links are documentation included on the CD with the Tacho Pro. There are around 2 to 3 hundred PDF files that each have multiple cars explained that include detailed instructions and photographs for correcting an odometer. The PDF files cover almost every make and model.

Also included is the best aftermarket software that lets you program newer cars and almost every American car. Just because its not on the list of cars programmed by the Tacho Pro, this software lets you do it. CLICK HERE for that list.

Hardware Included


  • 1 cable P607 for Tacho Universal 0676 OK
  • 2 cable 11DU for Tacho Universal 0677 OK
  • 3 Dongle CAN Hardware for Tacho Universal 0709 OK
  • 4 Cable BMW OBD2+MB Service Reset for Tacho Universal 0742 OK
  • 5 Cable ALFA156 for Tacho Universal 0678 OK
  • 6 Cable ALFA145_146 for Tacho Universal 0679 OK
  • 7 Cable P206 JAEGER for Tacho Universal 0684 OK
  • 8 Cable ALFA166 for Tacho Universal 0681 OK
  • 9 Cable P908 for Tacho Universal 0682 OK
  • 10 Cable ACCORD for Tacho Universal 0683 OK
  • 11 Cable P406 JAEGER for Tacho Universal 0680 OK
  • 12 Cable MB-DiaMox for Tacho Universal 0685 OK
  • 13 Cable GTV SPIDER for Tacho Universal 0686 OK
  • 14 Cable MB SPRINTER Kienzle for Tacho Universal 0687 OK
  • 15 Cable MB-OBD2 for Tacho Universal 0688 OK
  • 16 Cable MB-CAN for Tacho Universal 0689 OK
  • 17 Cable CRYSLER OBD2 for Tacho Universal 0743 OK
  • 18 Cable Multi CAN for Tacho Universal 0690 OK
  • 19 Cable P-106 for Tacho Universal 0691 OK
  • 20 Cable SCOPRIO for Tacho Universal 0692 OK
  • 21 Cable VW GOLF3+MB C-CLASS OLD for Tacho Universal 0744 OK
  • 22 Cable SPRINT VDO for Tacho Universal 0693 OK
  • 23 Cable VW CAN for Tacho Universal 0694 OK
  • 24 Cable BMW HW 4,5,6 for Tacho Universal 0695 OK
  • 25 Cable SHARAN 2000 for Tacho Universal 0696 OK
  • 26 Cable AUDI 2000 for Tacho Universal 0697 O
  • 27 Cable OBD2 VW-OPEL for Tacho Universal 0698 OK
  • 28 Cable POLO98/BELLTLE/B5 for Tacho Universal 0699 OK
  • 29 Cable BMW DIAG for Tacho Universal 0700 O
  • 30 Cable BMW E36 for Tacho Universal 0701 OK
  • 31 Cable BMW Z3/compact for Tacho Universal 0702 OK
  • 32 Cable AUDI+VW OBD2+2 for Tacho Universal 0783 OK
  • 33 DONGLE CRYSLER OBD2 for Tacho Universal 0703 OK
  • 34 Dongle 912 for Tacho Universal 0704 OK
  • 35 Cable 912 for Tacho Universal 0712 OK
  • 37 NEC Dongle for Tacho Universal (9S12 DONGLE) 0732 OK
  • 38 Adapter 93cx6 for Tacho Universal 0705 OK
  • 39 Adapter 24COX for Tacho Universal 0706 OK
  • 40 Adapter 35/95XXX for Tacho Universal 0707 OK
  • 42 CLIP EEPROM DIP-8CON for Tacho Universal 0715 OK
  • 43 CLIP EEPROM SOIC-14CON for Tacho Universal (5251) 0714 OK
  • 44 CLIP EEPROM SOIC-8CON for Tacho Universal (5250) 0713 OK
  • 45 Cable power supply for Tacho Universal 0711 OK
  • 47 Tacho Universal hand-held device 0684 OK
  • 48 BMW key Reader PRO 0675 OK
  • 82 GE Cherokee 4199 OK
  • 83 Serial Communication Cable OK

    The following cables have full connectors now!


Supported Car List

The list of cars that the Tacho Pro v2008 is large and incomplete because of its size and complexity. I have gathered all of the information available throughout the internet. The list at the link below lists most of the cars, although the Tacho Pro will work with most other cars that have a EEPROM, and that list is included.

Newer models, like the Tahoe, can also be corrected. The options are LIMITLESS!

CLICK HERE for Partial Car List

There is no better deal!

Fully support European, American and Asian vehicle types, most of which can be adjusted via OBD-II diagnostic plug.

BE NZ A/C/CL/CLK/E/G/M/SL/SLK class (before 2000) New E/C class adopt CAN cable technology, cluster-socket operation (no need to adjust EIS/EZS)

Most of B-M W 3/5/7/8/X/Z class vehicles, include operation on EWS, LCM can be adjusted via OBD-II diagnostic plug.

All VW/AUDI vehicles, include A6L A8L Q7

Includes most Japanese and Korean cars

Some American vehicles

Other Euro-American vehicle types: Peugeot, Renault, Volvo, Citroen, Alfa, Porsche. 

More American Cars have been added - Below are the new US cars added

  • Oldsmobile: Alero
  • Buick: Regal, Rendevous, Aztec
  • Chevrolet: S10/Blazer KM, S10/Blazer Hour, Pickup 12/25/35, Tahoe -2002, Tahoe Hour -02, Yukon, Escalade, Suburban, Camaro, Malibu, Hummer H2 miles, Hummer H2 hours, Corvette,
  • Cadillac Deville 03:
  • GMC Envoy:
  • Ford: Taurus, Expedition, F150, F150 92-97, Mustang, Crown Victora, Windstar
  • Toyota 4Runner
  • Mitsubishi Galant
  • Saturn Box:
  • Lincoln: Continental, LS
  • Nissan USA: 93c56, 93c66

What happens after payment is made?  What makes us special?

  1. You will receive a link to view and download the important documenation and information, along with other resources including additional software! This includes the most important information to prevent MAJOR mistakes that are so common. This comes from my experience and others.
  2. Your test clip is made. The SOIC Surface Mount clip is the default, but you can choose the DIP clip instead of you do more older cars or the larger DIP clips. Your Package will be mailed UPS if your in the US or USPS Priority International if you are overseas. Tracking information will be emailed to you by either me or by the shipping service itself.
  3. You will also get the link to all of my instructional and informational libarary that is updated almost weekly. A DVD is also burned with over a Gig of documentation that includes every resource you can and cannot find on the internet. Once the Forum is up, you will receive a link and login information. This is only to share information with Tacho Pro owners who have purchased from me. I will soon have a directory of programmers because of the demand from people across the US who ask if I know someone in their area who can help them out. This is optional of course.

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